Dealing With Biden

Dateline: Suspended Reality February 14, 2024 Dems claim that Special Counsel Robert Hur unnecessarily assassinated Biden’s mental acuity in his mishandled classified documents report. That’s a big fib. Hur had to provide a compelling reason for his decision not to prosecute. After all, Biden violated national security laws by illegally taking boxes of classified documents to his home and other places. Photos substantiating that finding abound. Yet Hur declined to prosecute the President for these serious federal crimes. Accordingly, HurRead more…

Abby Normal

Dateline: September 6, 2023 Jarring

In the 1974 movie, Young Frankenstein, Igor, the Doctor’s assistant, grabbed the wrong brain to insert into the about-to-be reanimated corpse. He misread the ‘Abnormal’ label on the jar containing the brain as Abby Normal. From this mistake a monster was born.

In the 2020 race, Biden was similarly misread as a ‘moderate’. On that basis, a demented progressive disaster was ensconced in the White House.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political fence, Trump mislabeled his 2020 loss as victory denied. The man is a sore loser who is willing to impugn the integrity of the ballot box to assuage his massive ego. Hundreds of those he inspired to storm the Capitol on January 6 can thank him for their felony convictions.

Fast forward a couple of years. Trump and Biden are the two most unpopular politicians in the Country. Inexplicably, they are also leading in the 2024 polls of their respective Parties. Can it be that one of these political corpses will be reanimated as the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Because Biden’s festering mental decay is on full display almost daily, most people believe that he will not be his Party’s nominee. The delay in booting him from the ballot is due to the thorny question of who will get the nomination.

In the meantime, Trump is being propelled on the waves of criminal filings against him. While those charges may be bogus, they do not justify rewarding him with another term in the White House. His juvenile name calling, perpetual scowling and generally infantile behavior demeans the office he holds and those he represents. The GOP faces the same thorny question of the nominee’s identity.

Perhaps the Parties can be motivated to pick their way through the thorns. Perhaps voters will begin revolting against the even more revolting choices presented.


Dateline: August 12, 2023 The State of Disbelief

At some point during the last three years, our Federal Republic admitted its 51st political subdivision, the State of Disbelief. Most of us live in Disbelief now swept into it by torrents of baloney gushing from D.C. Republicans and Democrats share the blame. The discussion of the Grand Old Pariahs will be saved for next time.

Focusing on our Democrat President, Biden claims success in every aspect of his governance. He blah, blahs about foreign accomplishments, a secure border and a booming economy. For example, he recently insisted that he “holds the international community together”.

That’s a whopper for a guy who abandoned our allies, soldiers and friends in his rush to exit Afghanistan before the September 11 anniversary in 2021. And if his claim of border security is true then he has deliberately ceded control of it to the Mexican cartels. They run the border like a well-oiled ferry service.

No one credibly believes that Bidenonmics is anything other than a spectacular combo of historic inflation rates, rising prices, a crushing deficit and dependence on China for critical supplies.

Then there’s his history of taking millions in bribes from our enemies in exchange for political favors. But that’s best left for another time.

Biden is charging full speed ahead, so it doesn’t look like we’ll move out of the State of Disbelief anytime soon.

No Bull

Dateline: October 5, 2022 The Trenches

Right up front, if I could vote, I would’ve voted for Trump. Twice. But, not a third time. The divisive turmoil that he deliberately creates has worn too thin and most people completely out.

Trump is Mr. Pomposity. A bombast with a towering ego from which there is no respite. We desperately need a “walk softly and carry a big stick”. type – not a guy whose big schtick is all bull in a china shop.

This is not an appeasement to the Lunatic Left. Those control freak lizards will demonize any Republican candidate. Their persistent ravings are a given and aren’t the point.

People need a calm Republican voice who can enforce strong pro-American policies and restore the economic, social and moral fabric that Biden has unraveled.

Trump should do the right thing – bow out of the 2024 Presidential race now and support the choice of the primary voters then.

A Fairly Grim Tale

Dateline: June 19, 2022 The Barren Landscape of Biden’s Brain

Joe Biden’s America is a scary place: food shortages, sky-rocketing prices, energy dependence on countries unfriendly to us, a crime tsunami washing over our southern border, weakness on the international stage that encourages invasions like that of Ukraine and probably Taiwan, threats of prosecution of those who speak out against his policies.

Yawning Government overreach with its raging incompetence has weakened our Country. Biden and his administration have infected us all with an outbreak of DOPE, their Drunk On Power Epidemic.

Our circumstances conjure up the image of Hansel and Gretel in the Brothers Grimm fairytale first published in 1812. Their parents tried, and eventually succeeded, in abandoning the children in the forest in order reduce the number of mouths to feed. Lost, the kids were lured into a huge sugar trap by an evil witch. Fortunately for them, they killed the witch, stole her treasure and returned home to live happily ever after.

Biden is trying to lose people deep in his woke forest, silencing the mouths that speak against him. The sugar trap he offers is socialism run by an old witch of a bureaucracy that would devour our culture. Not a perfect analogy but a real bummer just the same.

We can end our fairly grim tale by kicking the old witch into the oven and taking back our treasured Country. Inside the voting booth is one place Biden can’t reach.

Biden’s Idiocracy

Dateline August 20, 2021 The White House

Joe Biden is being excoriated from all sides for his cut-and-run abandonment of Americans, Afghanis and allies alike in Afghanistan. He ordered the surrender of a state-of-the-art military base and its munitions, vehicles and aircraft in favor of protecting a third world airport.

While the British, French, Germans and Indians send troops into Kabul to rescue their people, Biden has restricted our troops to the airport. Our people are on their own in crossing hostile Taliban lines to reach our troops on the tarmac.

The damage Biden has done to America’s standing in the international community may be irreparable. He has been denounced by more than a bipartisan chorus in our Country. Members of the British Parliament have heaped scorn on our President for his cowardice. NATO has castigated him. The trust in America’s commitment to its obligations is gone.

In response, Biden has sputtered out a series of contradictory excuses for his dereliction of duty all of which are demonstrably false.

So, what is the truth? What has motivated Biden’s unforgivable ineptitude in ceding Afghanistan and everyone within it, to the whims of the Taliban?

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