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The Nothingness of Something

Dateline: Nothingdoingville, April 21, 2024

A few days ago, Biden and one or two allies announced sanctions against Iran for its attack last weekend against Israel. But rather than restricting oil exports, which Iran needs to maintain and grow its war machine, Biden whiffed. Oh, the sanctions sounded like something but, in reality, there was nothing in that something.

Biden’s sanctions were against manufacturers and key players in Iran’s homegrown drone program. Big deal. The drones were the least effective weapon in Iran’s attack. They were taken down like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery. And many of those sanctioned are already the targets of sanctions. So much for deterrence.

Biden’s persistent feeding of Iran’s oil industry is like throwing chum to sharks. He’s given billions of dollars in handouts to the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism. Six billion for the return of five hostages, ten billion for humanitarian uses – a restriction that is impossible to enforce and ridiculous to say. And, of course, there’s his refusal to enforce the oil sanctions already on the books. Go figure.

Biden’s weakness on the international stage is humiliating and threatening to our national security. His ‘don’t’ to Iran on the eve of its attack against Israel was futile and embarrassing. Ditto for his directive to Israel to forgo retaliation.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are in disarray.  Their purist v. pragmatist political slugfest in the House is hammering their slim voting majority into a bloody pulp. And then there’s Trump. He’s barely palatable to most GOP’ers. As he continues to scowl and shoot his mouth off about everything, voters are repulsed. Whether they will hold their noses and vote for him in November is anyone’s guess.

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Hur On The Hot Seat

Dateline: Flambeville, March 12, 2024

Former Special Counsel Robert Hur was grilled on Capitol Hill today by the purely partisan political hacks who occupy seats in the House.

The Dim-ocrats were driven, as usual, by making Trump look much worse than Biden. Their focus was not on whether both knowingly and unlawfully kept classified information on their private premises. It was mostly on the response of the two men after being caught.  Biden co-operated with the DOJ. Trump did not.

One of their dimmest lights, Adam Schiff, insisted that Hur’s characterization of Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory” was gratuitous and politically motivated. Of course, Schiff would see things that way because he is all politics all the time.

The Trumplicans, on the other hand, hammered home Hur’s conclusion that Biden was a thief who was saved from prosecution by his mental incapacity.

They missed the problem with the Hur report. Biden’s mental decline, even if sympathetic, is not germane to his prosecution. It is a consideration in sentencing should he be convicted.

Biden’s theft of classified documents began many years ago when he was a Senator and continued through his Vice Presidency.  Hur’s investigation uncovered evidence that it was motivated by greed – the inclusion of classified information promised to juice up a Biden book deal.

Critically, there is no claim that Biden was mentally deficient when the thefts occurred. His decline is more recent and has nothing to do with his guilt.

Hur’s supposition that a jury would be derailed from its sworn duty disparages our system. He implies that juries are easily distracted by the irrelevant. He is mistaken. It’s highly doubtful that jurors would be sidetracked by Biden’s current condition to the point of finding him not guilty of offenses that occurred years earlier.

But, a jury won’t get the chance. Biden was saved by a prosecutor who mistook himself for a misbehaving juror.

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The State of the Onion

Dateline: Screamerville, March 9, 2024

On Thursday night, our President gave his third State of the Union address. The speech is traditionally a platform for bragging about accomplishments and listing priorities for the year.

This one did have a lot of bragging  –  and screaming, haranguing and ludicrous claims. The Senseless Old Buffoon is really only good at layering whoppers on top of whoppers whether he’s whispering, talking or bellowing. That made his State of the Union much more of a State of the Onion, each layer of which must be peeled back to expose what lies beneath.

Three of Biden’s more notable layers were headline grabbers.  He identified the Jan.6 rioters as ‘insurrectionists’, a characterization that can only be made by Congress.

He was baited into saying Laken Riley’s name: “I know how to say her name. Lincoln. Lincoln Riley, an innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal. That’s right. But how many thousands of people are being killed by legals?”

There are three problems with this pronouncement. First, Biden was holding a pin with Laken’s name on it and still managed to screw it up. Second, the reference to Riley’s killer as an illegal sent shock waves through progressives who eschew the term. Third, and thoroughly deplorable, he tried to diminish Laken’s murder with his observation that a lot of people are murdered.

Finally, in referring to the reversal of Roe v. Wade, Biden threatened the Justices sitting in the first row: “With all due respect, justices, women are not without electoral or political power. You’re about to realize just how much.” It was an idiotic remark. The reversal did not outlaw abortion. It left the decision to the voters of the states, you know, like women.

Onions are not a popular vegetable. Neither are politicians who stink up the place.

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Dealing With Biden

Dateline: Suspended Reality February 14, 2024

Dems claim that Special Counsel Robert Hur unnecessarily assassinated Biden’s mental acuity in his mishandled classified documents report.

That’s a big fib.

Hur had to provide a compelling reason for his decision not to prosecute. After all, Biden violated national security laws by illegally taking boxes of classified documents to his home and other places. Photos substantiating that finding abound. Yet Hur declined to prosecute the President for these serious federal crimes.

Accordingly, Hur stated that, in his opinion, a jury was unlikely to convict a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Of course, that conclusion had to be supported, which Hur did by providing pointed examples of Biden’s diminished capacity.

Hur is not alone in his assessment of Biden’s dimming intellect. In an ABC poll taken after Hur’s report was released an overwhelming 86% of responders believe Biden is too old for a second term. That figure includes 91% of Independents and 73% of Democrats.

Nevertheless, the response of the Dem leadership is to dispute Hur’s conclusion. They state that Biden is sharp, smart, focused, asks penetrating questions and is on top of his game. One staffer describes Hur’s conclusion as a “bucket of B.S.”

These individuals are, in effect, arguing that Biden should be prosecuted in the classified documents case. If his mental capacity is what they claim, Biden has no defense for his crime.

Biden’s response is to blame unspecified staff for this whole mess.  Although completely unbelievable, he does understand the SODDI (some other dude did it) defense.

There’s no basement deep enough to hide our President in this election year or any blame game he can win.

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Abby Normal

Dateline: September 6, 2023 Jarring

In the 1974 movie, Young Frankenstein, Igor, the Doctor’s assistant, grabbed the wrong brain to insert into the about-to-be reanimated corpse. He misread the ‘Abnormal’ label on the jar containing the brain as Abby Normal. From this mistake a monster was born.

In the 2020 race, Biden was similarly misread as a ‘moderate’. On that basis, a demented progressive disaster was ensconced in the White House.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political fence, Trump mislabeled his 2020 loss as victory denied. The man is a sore loser who is willing to impugn the integrity of the ballot box to assuage his massive ego. Hundreds of those he inspired to storm the Capitol on January 6 can thank him for their felony convictions.

Fast forward a couple of years. Trump and Biden are the two most unpopular politicians in the Country. Inexplicably, they are also leading in the 2024 polls of their respective Parties. Can it be that one of these political corpses will be reanimated as the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Because Biden’s festering mental decay is on full display almost daily, most people believe that he will not be his Party’s nominee. The delay in booting him from the ballot is due to the thorny question of who will get the nomination.

In the meantime, Trump is being propelled on the waves of criminal filings against him. While those charges may be bogus, they do not justify rewarding him with another term in the White House. His juvenile name calling, perpetual scowling and generally infantile behavior demeans the office he holds and those he represents. The GOP faces the same thorny question of the nominee’s identity.

Perhaps the Parties can be motivated to pick their way through the thorns. Perhaps voters will begin revolting against the even more revolting choices presented.

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Dateline: August 12, 2023 The State of Disbelief

At some point during the last three years, our Federal Republic admitted its 51st political subdivision, the State of Disbelief. Most of us live in Disbelief now swept into it by torrents of baloney gushing from D.C. Republicans and Democrats share the blame. The discussion of the Grand Old Pariahs will be saved for next time.

Focusing on our Democrat President, Biden claims success in every aspect of his governance. He blah, blahs about foreign accomplishments, a secure border and a booming economy. For example, he recently insisted that he “holds the international community together”.

That’s a whopper for a guy who abandoned our allies, soldiers and friends in his rush to exit Afghanistan before the September 11 anniversary in 2021. And if his claim of border security is true then he has deliberately ceded control of it to the Mexican cartels. They run the border like a well-oiled ferry service.

No one credibly believes that Bidenonmics is anything other than a spectacular combo of historic inflation rates, rising prices, a crushing deficit and dependence on China for critical supplies.

Then there’s his history of taking millions in bribes from our enemies in exchange for political favors. But that’s best left for another time.

Biden is charging full speed ahead, so it doesn’t look like we’ll move out of the State of Disbelief anytime soon.