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“The mission of the Letters From Us® website is to provide political satire and commentary from the perspectives of the left brain and the philosophical center. Our offerings include comics, blogs, headline reviews and other entertaining features. We poke fun at the lives we lead, our politics, our science, our psyches, our humanness.

Why left-brain satire? We aim to attract everyone who enjoys thought-provoking entertainment on the web. The left brain excels at analytical thinking, which may not sound that exciting. But, it allows elements of life to be examined individually and put back together to create a different perspective of the whole. That is very fun.

The view our analysis shows most often is the center. Extreme positions aren’t advocated on our pages. There are plenty of websites that offer polarizing views as entertainment.

Comics to the left of us. Blogs to the right. They are easily found with just a few keystrokes in an Internet search.

To those who believe that centrism is merely middle of the road accommodation, we disagree. Our system of government is one of multiple branches, created to guarantee the checks and balances necessary to keep us on the straight and narrow. The same is true of centrist policies and principles. So, we advocate them.

This does not mean that we take no positions and only criticize those of others. Because there’s more to politcial satire than just poking fun, we suggest solutions, too. But, our site does not support the views of a particular political party. In advocating positions, we try not to disparage individuals personally, although, sometimes, it just can’t be helped.

Welcome to our site. We hope you enjoy it and visit us often!”

Todays ComicTodays Comic

Letters From Us® Comics

“The Letters From Us® website offers comics and blogs created and published by Endgame Enterprises, LLC®. The flagship comic strip, Letters From Us®, features Sidney and Riley. There are three other strips as well including Cur & Crony™, Dither & Yawn™ and Dumber Together™.

Cur & Crony showcases Senator Harry Reid as Cur and Representative Nancy Pelosi as Crony. Just so the GOP isn’t left out, Dither & Yawn features Representative John Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell. Dumber Together stars our President, Barack Obama.

At the end of each quarter, the Letters From Us® editors pick the best comics among those published during the quarter on the Letters website. At least one comic is selected from each of the four Letters strips. The comics are chosen based on how well they represent the subject matter depicted – and the size of the smiles they bring to readers’ lips. The chosen comics are republished in the Best From Us® section of the comics.

These strips poke good-natured fun at the politics of the day irrespective of ideology – the left, right and, of course, the center. Together, these comics offer a view of the human world unique among web comics.”

Todays ComicTodays Comic

Our Two Columns

Our editorials are provided in two columns, The Silly Sentinel™ and Lame Spin™. The Silly Sentinel features Riley’s unique commentary on ridiculous political happenings. The Letters From Us® editorial staff writes Lame Spin. The editorial focuses on farcical mental gymnastics executed by politicians and organizations anxious to avoid responsibility for their actions.

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