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Dealing With Biden

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Dateline: Suspended Reality February 14, 2024

Dems claim that Special Counsel Robert Hur unnecessarily assassinated Biden’s mental acuity in his mishandled classified documents report.

That's a big fib.

Hur had to provide a compelling reason for his decision not to prosecute. After all, Biden violated national security laws by illegally taking boxes of classified documents to his home and other places. Photos substantiating that finding abound. Yet Hur declined to prosecute the President for these serious federal crimes.

Accordingly, Hur stated that, in his opinion, a jury was unlikely to convict a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Of course, that conclusion had to be supported, which Hur did by providing pointed examples of Biden’s diminished capacity.

Hur is not alone in his assessment of Biden’s dimming intellect. In an ABC poll taken after Hur's report was released an overwhelming 86% of responders believe Biden is too old for a second term. That figure includes 91% of Independents and 73% of Democrats.

Nevertheless, the response of the Dem leadership is to dispute Hur's conclusion. They state that Biden is sharp, smart, focused, asks penetrating questions and is on top of his game. One staffer describes Hur’s conclusion as a “bucket of B.S.”

These individuals are, in effect, arguing that Biden should be prosecuted in the classified documents case. If his mental capacity is what they claim, Biden has no defense for his crime.

Biden’s response is to blame unspecified staff for this whole mess.  Although completely unbelievable, he does understand the SODDI (some other dude did it) defense.

There’s no basement deep enough to hide our President in this election year or any blame game he can win.

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