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The Rush To Crush

Dateline: January 14, 2021 The Swamp

After spending no time at all investigating the basis for a second impeachment, the Dems, and a few GOPer’s, impeached Trump yet again. The charge is inciting an insurrection in remarks he made during the January 6 rally at the Capitol.

However, according to constitutional scholars, there is no justification for the claim that Trump’s words at the rally constituted ‘incitement’. But, then, the constitution is not the motivator for the impeachment. It’s spite politics driven by a fanciful desire to make sure Trump can’t run again in 2024.

Further, according to an FBI investigation, Trump’s words were irrelevant. The riot was pre-planned by radicals determined to launch an armed conflict in the Capitol at the rally.

On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that the FBI warned the Capitol Police, among other law enforcement agencies, that a riot would occur at the conclusion of the rally. The Capitol Police are responsible for the safety of Congressional grounds and Congress people.

USA Today put it this way:

“The FBI issued a dire warning on the day before the Capitol riots that violent extremists were planning an armed uprising in Washington [during the rally], a plot the attackers described as ‘war’…”.

In response to the warning, what did the Capitol Police do to increase security in order to prevent the riot? It depends on who you believe. The now ex Police Chief claims that both his bosses in Congress nixed his pre-rally requests for National Guard presence. His superiors claim that no requests were made prior to the riot.

Regardless of who you believe, there was no increased security at the rally.

Congress has oversight of the Capitol Police. If Congress wants to deal in truth, it should conduct an investigation into the reason for the absence of a riot-preventing force.

Instead, Congress, through political recriminations, is inciting division in the Country so deep that coming together again as a people may be wishful thinking.




In the Clown Car

What Is Going On?

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February 27th, 2019

President Trump walked away from denuclearization talks with North Korea in Hanoi last night. Demands made by Noko’s war-loving, crazy dictator were unrealistic. As the President said, no deal is better than a bad one.

Meanwhile, Pakistan and India are at it again over the India-controlled section of Kashmir.

This week, they both claimed to have shot down military planes belonging to the other side. Both are threatening escalation, which is no laughing matter. They each have a nuclear arsenal including about 100 warheads and each has test fired nuclear-capable missiles.

Pakistan is now doing some nuclear saber-rattling to ward off a superior conventional attack by India.

The prospect of international nuclear war may not be as threatening to this Country as hearings going on in Congress this week. The Michael Cohen’s Spectacle of Self-Serving Slander is a prelude to impeachment proceedings against President Trump.

But last year, Cohen pled guilty to lying to Congress, among a host of other felonies. On Tuesday, he was disbarred from the practice of law. En route to serving a three-year prison sentence, he stopped by the Hill to chat up Congress again.

For our representatives to seek the unsubstantiated testimony of a felonious liar who has duped them in the past is an act of desperation. It is looking like the Mueller investigation will end with a whimper rather than a bang. So, Dems are casting about trying to find another source to feed the Trash Trump Frenzy. In Cohen, they caught a big, fat bottom feeder.