Abby Normal

Dateline: September 6, 2023 Jarring

In the 1974 movie, Young Frankenstein, Igor, the Doctor’s assistant, grabbed the wrong brain to insert into the about-to-be reanimated corpse. He misread the ‘Abnormal’ label on the jar containing the brain as Abby Normal. From this mistake a monster was born.

In the 2020 race, Biden was similarly misread as a ‘moderate’. On that basis, a demented progressive disaster was ensconced in the White House.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political fence, Trump mislabeled his 2020 loss as victory denied. The man is a sore loser who is willing to impugn the integrity of the ballot box to assuage his massive ego. Hundreds of those he inspired to storm the Capitol on January 6 can thank him for their felony convictions.

Fast forward a couple of years. Trump and Biden are the two most unpopular politicians in the Country. Inexplicably, they are also leading in the 2024 polls of their respective Parties. Can it be that one of these political corpses will be reanimated as the next resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Because Biden’s festering mental decay is on full display almost daily, most people believe that he will not be his Party’s nominee. The delay in booting him from the ballot is due to the thorny question of who will get the nomination.

In the meantime, Trump is being propelled on the waves of criminal filings against him. While those charges may be bogus, they do not justify rewarding him with another term in the White House. His juvenile name calling, perpetual scowling and generally infantile behavior demeans the office he holds and those he represents. The GOP faces the same thorny question of the nominee’s identity.

Perhaps the Parties can be motivated to pick their way through the thorns. Perhaps voters will begin revolting against the even more revolting choices presented.