Why We All Want The Republicans To Win

Clown_Comic_Insert_v3Election day is tomorrow. It can’t come soon enough. Campaigns these days are longer, nastier and more devoid of substance than ever before. This year, Republicans are running against President Obama and his dismal poll numbers. Democrats are running against the GOP brand using every fear tactic that creative marketing minds can muster. The candidates themselves are up to their necks in mud slung too often and too hard.


Even so, it’s difficult to fault some of the electioneering propaganda. Obama is an incompetent chief executive. His trophy case of presidential successes is empty. His foreign policy weakness have made our Country less safe and cost thousands of civilians in Iraq and Syria their lives.


Other than the scandals, the President’s domestic agenda is mostly about Obamacare. You know how bad that has to be by the sheer number of exceptions, exemptions and delays the President has granted. Anything to put off the inevitable until after the election.


Against Obama’s failures stand the do-nothing Republicans. The Grand Old Party has no grand old agenda or anything approximating a new one. Party leaders like to blame the President for their inaction. They see their role as defensive, opposing his agenda as if they are the last bastion of democracy. A great excuse for putting nothing in their legislative win column.


Helping the Republicans immensely in their Obstacles R Us strategy is Harry Reid and his so-called reign of paralysis. Any glimmer of a good idea the Republicans manage to cobble together dies a slow death in Harry’s graveyard of aborted bills.


Not surprisingly, one of Obama’s favorite excuses for executive action is the failure of Congress to deliver solutions. The biggest reason for that failure is a divided Congress. The President will get plenty of opportunities to sign legislation if control of the Senate changes.


Should Obama then persist in taking executive action, he will trigger a true Constitutional crisis. To avoid that risk, Obama will be forced to compromise with Republicans so he can stomach the legislation they send him.


In an article published yesterday, Obama staffers claim that the notoriously disengaged President is even more so now. Perhaps his increasing disinterest will itself result in necessary compromise. It’s difficult to be difficult when you’re bored.


For their part, control of Congress will force Republicans to forge a national platform for issue resolution. They will also have to compromise with the President to get an acceptable version of the platform enacted. The Party Of No will have little choice but to become the Party Of Something That At Least Works.


Hold your nose if you have to, but vote Republican. Would that really be worse than leaving Harry Reid in charge for two more years?