Wee The People

Dateline: November 3, 2022 At A Crossroad

The critical lesson to learn from checking Biden’s name on the ballot in 2020 is this. If you vote against someone (say, Trump) instead of for someone (say, Biden) you really can’t complain about what you get.

Seriously, no one votes for an unaccomplished, 50-year politician who peddles his influence like water in a drought and hides in his basement in the election year. Red flags were popping up all over in the summer of 2020. They were overlooked because voting against Trump was all that mattered to too many. Victory went, almost by default, to Biden.

Of course, we now know exactly what we got. And it gets worse by the day. Pick your poison: trillions in handouts designed to create financial dependence on the government, inflation at historic highs, the death of energy independence, weakness that has reaped foreign aggression, crops of new Dem voters pouring over the Southern Border. And so on.

Some, in an attempt to feel better about their 2020 votes, like to think that Biden’s policies are the result of well-intentioned incompetence. If only. They are the result of a warped determination to remake every aspect of our lives regardless of the cost. Unflinching dedication to that mission is a mainstay of his administration.

There’s a mid-term election next week and it puts us at a crossroad. A Republican sweep can’t stop Biden completely. He will still try to violate the law as he has done since his inauguration and otherwise do as he pleases. But a contrary Congress can put a big dent in his plans. Or will we remain wee the people, small potatoes in Biden’s new world order?

Critical lessons can be difficult, but this one is a slam dunk.