The Weak That Was

Dateline: May 8, 2021 The Swamp

This is the first in a series of recurring articles that showcase the most idiotic political missteps of the past week. Sometimes, like this week, there’s a surprise ending.

Here are, in no particular order, the three boo-boos that top this week’s list.

  1. Biden’s push to violate intellectual property laws by giving poorer countries the COVID-19 vaccine formulas developed by US drug manufacturers. He sells it as a grand humanitarian gesture to save lives. Besides, everyone hates Big Pharma for profiting from the pain, suffering and slow deaths of millions.

The immediate problem is that those countries have no manufacturing facilities or know-how to develop the vaccines. They might in a decade or so.  How about just sticking with shipping them the vaccines?

  1. The Kalama Harris claim that giving $310 million to Central American countries to address climate change issues will halt the migrant influx at our Southern Border.

The trouble is she undercuts her own argument by admitting that these governments are corrupt and that the corruption will frustrate her efforts.

  1. Biden’s maskquerading. Claiming it’s his “patriotic responsibility”, Biden wears his COVID mask outside even though he’s been vaccinated. He also claims that masks should be worn inside even by the vaccinated. Of course, when he visited Jimmy Carter in the latter’s home this week, he cozied up to the 96 year-old without a mask. As soon as he stepped outside, the mask was back on.

Hypocrisy aside, his message is clear: don’t bother to get vaccinated because you’ll be wearing your mask anyway. Maybe surgical attachment will become an option.

The biggest loser: surprise, it’s the McConnell/McCarthy led Congressional Republicans. O.k., they weren’t on the list. But, they are, persistently, the worst of the political bunch. They don’t even pretend to have a plan to counter any of Biden’s disastrous policies. Apparently, they believe they won’t have to win because the Democrats will lose. They should take a page from the 1994 “Contract With America”. The Republicans published it before the mid-terms and won handily.