The Trudgin’ Trojan

Dateline: April 3, 2021 The Swamp

Most everybody knows that a trojan horse hides something bad inside its innocent-looking exterior. As history records, a huge wooden horse was used by the Greeks to enter the City of Troy and defeat their enemies. Today, a lot of people believe that the Biden administration is a trojan horse for the left wing of the Democrat Party.

Actually, Biden himself is a trojan horse, the Trudgin’ Trojan, as he stumbles down a short path to the early end of his term. It’s not merely that leftist policies have replaced his moderate campaign promises. It’s that Biden is a cover for Kamala Harris as she ascends to the Presidency sans any votes.

Sound crazy? Add up the following and check the sum: Biden, on more than one occasion, has referred to her as “President Harris”; she has referred to herself as the President; he renamed his administration the Biden-Harris administration and the President’s residence is now the Biden-Harris White House; she represents the US in critical negotiations with Mexico, et al, in attempting to get them to stanch the migrant flow; Biden’s stated reason for her appointment is to let everyone know who’s in charge.

Couple all that with the fact that Old Joe is fading faster than the bloom on a plucked rose. Compare his halting, stumbling performance last week at his first press conference with his animated appearances during the 2020 Dem debates. Now days, when he stammers himself into a corner, he squeezes both of his eyes shut trying to do a brain reset. It usually fails and he simply gives up on the topic. Pretty soon, he’ll just give up.

To get elected, the Trudgin’ Trojan traded more than his advertised policies for a steaming bowl of Progressive support. He settled for an abbreviated term in the bargain. Look for Harris to assume the throne well before the fall of 2024.