The Real Political Animal

Humans are so preoccupied with politics. Blue this. Red that. So many words. So few of them interesting.

But, here’s something really exciting. You know that famous “political animal” humans speak of? Well, I’ve done my research and I’ve identified the mysterious creature. (Sidney would be so proud.) The answer? It’s us. That’s right. Canines.

You doubt it? Remember FDR and his much loved dog, Fala? Or Nixon’s Checkers? Or Clinton’s Buddy?

There’s more. Long before Buddy there were the ten hounds of George Washington, the five dogs of Theodore Roosevelt, the twelve canines of Calvin Coolidge and the six other dogs of Franklin Roosevelt. In fact, sixty percent of American Presidents lived with canines in the White House. It will be way over sixty percent when the new guy gets one of us for his kids.

Need more convincing? How about the influence dogs have on the outcome of political elections. Humans like humans who like us. Take Herbert Hoover for example. Not really a people person. So, he had his photo taken with a nice German Shepherd and sent it out to thousands of voters. He and the dog ended up winning the presidential election.

Then there was the sad case of Lyndon Johnson. He must have missed the canines-can-help-you-get-elected lesson. As history records, poor Lyndon lost favor with human voters when he lifted one of his Beagles off the ground by the ears. Talk about ouch and outrage.

Dogs are very good in politics in other ways, too. Like those Blue Dogs who have become so critical lately. Although I prefer Red Sesame Dogs. But, at least folks recognize our importance to the political process.

And we all know what September 23 is – Dogs in Politics Day. If we’re not king of the Hill then why the special day?

Finally, there’s the wisdom of President Harry S. Truman who once said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.” That pretty much says it all.

So, forget the donkey and the elephant. The real political animal is the canine.

See you in the mirror.