The Greatest Show On Earth

Dateline: Illusionville, February 20, 2017: The anti-Trump media circus that’s been touring the Country since November 8 set up its tents in the White House last week.

The result was a high wire thrill act from what, after Barnum & Bailey’s announced closure, has become the Greatest Show On Earth. President Trump soared over the heads of the media clowns below performing favorite renditions from The Flying Wallendas’ playbook.

Even before he finished, news outlets were accusing the President of media bashing, as if that’s somehow wrong. One news guy, speaking for his fellow jokers, set up a series of falling dominos that led from criticizing the press to the collapse of the Presidency.

As expected, Trump is constantly being accused of trampling on the constitutional free press rights. What’s left behind in all the clamor is impartiality, the chief responsibility of a free press. Without impartiality, the press becomes one of the greatest threats to freedom on earth. So far, detached neutrality hasn’t made an appearance in the reporting of most mass media outlets.

One thing the media always forgets is that, in their circus, the President is the Ring Master. Clown routines are slapstick sideshows that hold attention only briefly. The audience is riveted on the guy in charge.

So, the newshounds should try impartiality and let Trump succeed or fail on the merits of his programs, policies and leadership. Then we’ll have a press worth protecting.