The Death of Decency

Dateline: SickAndTiredVille.  Mark your calendars. This is the week when decency, on life support for a while now, finally died in the US House of Representatives. I don’t mean the resolution against President Trump. That kind of stuff is poisoned politics, an empty gesture that, unfortunately, has become SOP. It doesn’t get much attention from those with IQs above the double-digit horizon.

I mean the lack of meaningful response by Congress to the virulent anti-Semitic harangues of Ilhan Omar.

The Congresswoman has used this theme more times than she’s spent months in the House. But, Omar’s resolution this week in support of an economic boycott of Israel was the last straw in a haystack of vituperative hatred. The worst of it is that Congress has become so immune to vile accusations that it takes them in stride rather than taking this representative to task.

Oh, the House did pass a resolution condemning both anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim discrimination after one of Omar’s nasty anti-Semitic rants. But, it didn’t name her and has not deterred her. Her boycott resolution this week is a stick in the eye of her Dem colleagues who are busy protecting her from manufactured claims of xenophobic slurs by the Prez. They have encased her in a shield of invincibility where disagreements with her are dismissed as racism, one of the great intellectual dishonesties of our time.

Omar tries to wrap herself in American values, claiming her resolution advances Free Speech and likens the Israel boycott to boycotts of Nazi Germany. In fact, her goal is the destruction of the Jewish State, either militarily or economically, whatever works.  Since Israel is the only U.S. ally in the Middle East, she’s acting in the worst interests of her adopted Country.

Omar dilutes the hideousness of the past in favor of a present where she uses her distortions to gain power. She is a disgrace.

Congress is even worse for not calling her out for what she is.