Shock And Awe Obama-Style

As President, Barak Obama has consistently pushed U.S. foreign policy in one direction, straight into a kumbaya coalition of countries. To him, we are no longer the dominant player on the world stage. Instead, our nation is merely one of many. This shift in policy from past Presidents fits nicely into Obama’s community organizer world view. We can finally all come together to explore our common issues, rise above our differences and live happily together. It works because our fates are neatly intertwined, or so he says.

Whether Obama’s view is realistic or not, it’s real enough to him. He even goes so far as to chide and lecture those who disagree. Who can forget his apology to the world for the Bush years of so-called arrogance and dismissiveness to our allies?

So, no more one deciding for the many. That’s wrong, unless, of course, the one is Obama himself. Turns out, he can decide for everyone without the need to persuade or even disclose, which, given his past pronouncements, is truly shocking.

In 2007, Senator Obama claimed that the President can unilaterally authorize military action only to stop an actual or imminent threat to the nation. In the same year, Presidential Candidate Obama said the American Public has the right to participate in deciding whether the country uses military force.

But, in 2011, President Obama didn’t even consult the U.S. Congress before he bombarded Libya. Wow. He must have thought Gaddafi’s air force was an imminent threat to our nation. Of course, he did consult the UN and the Arab League prior to administering the Libyan smackdown. But, they’re not part of the American Public that has a say in whether we go to war, right?

Or, it could be that Obama simply changed the constitutional standard for Presidents pushing the bomb button all by themselves. According to his press secretary, Obama can use military might, strictly on his own initiative, whenever lives need saving. Of course, the Congress just gets in the way when lives are at stake so it’s o.k. to bypass them.

That’s quite a departure from the actual-or-imminent-threat-to-our-nation principle preached by Senator Obama when Bush was Commander in Chief. So, perhaps the constitution doesn’t have anything to do with Obama’s actions. Maybe, he says whatever he has to and does whatever he wants. Shocking.

Last May in his commencement address at West Point, Obama stated that the U.S. can no longer act alone in the world. But, it’s o.k. for him to act alone with the world while completely ignoring his country. We finally understand what kumbaya really means. Awe, shucks.

See you on the left-side.