See More of Me for Free!

This is really something to blog about. All of our comic strips are now free! For the first time, you can see all of me, I mean all of my strips, at no charge. What a treat!! You can see Sidney, too, of course, but I’m the real attraction.

Just take a look at our updated Letters From Us home page. When you become a member, which is really easy, you get access to comics, contests, e-books and more. All free. Just sign up and start reading your letters from us. New letters come out every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Contests are run quarterly. E-books are published once a year.

Our site also features our blogs, of course, and a special home page column, This Week In Animal Welfare. In fact, we have quite a bit of information about animal welfare. We have a whole page dedicated to it. And, we put our money where our comic strips are – The Humane Society of the United States shares in the revenue generated by ads on our site.

This means it’s easy for you to make a big difference in the lives of animals. Just bookmark our site and read your letters often. The more readers, the more we help The Humane Society of the United States protect animals.

So, check us out. I think you’ll like what you see, especially me. Join up for fun comics and become part of us!