Red Rover

Do you know the game? It’s called Red Rover. When I first heard about it, I thought it was about me because I’m red, sort of. And, ‘Rover’ is one of those names humans liked to give us in the really old days.

Turns out, it’s not about me after all, which is really too bad because there never can be too much me. Anyway, it’s actually this thing human kids play. A great game because all you need is a play area, some fine weather and a few playmates.

You form two lines facing each other about 50 feet apart. A kid from one team runs as fast as he can and tries to break through the other line. If he does, he gets to take one of the kids back to his line. Otherwise, he has to join the line he couldn’t break through. The game is over when all of the kids are on one line.

But, maybe you haven’t heard of the game. Today, parents might see it as too dangerous for their kids. You know, the risk of injury when a kid tries to break through the other team’s line.

Come to think of it, these cautious parents may be onto something. See, our Government is playing a kind of Red Rover game with us right now. And, there definitely is a huge risk of injury, to the economy, to our jobs, to our independence.

With the Government in the game, the set up is just a little different. The two lines are the recession on one side and the recovery on the other, with a very shaky bridge in between.

All of us are standing on the recession side and the Government is daring us to come over. Just cross the bridge to get to the good times. We can see Big Fed waving those red, white and blue promises of jobs, a booming housing market and things like that. You know, how it was just a couple of short years ago.

The problem is, the Government is standing between us and the recovery. And, it’s making a lot of noise about increasing entitlements and taxes, and sending prices of goods and services through the roof.

If our representatives have their way, they’ll blow our whole chance of getting back on our feet. Nothing destroys the prospect of recovery like higher taxes, soaring prices, lost jobs and businesses gone bust.

So, what if we just refuse to play their game? How about we set the rules instead. We know how to cross that bridge to recovery. We’ve done it before. Hard work and a Government that really understands how to prime the capitalist pump. A game winning strategy all around.

See you in the mirror.