Pet Psychics – Do You Believe?

Mom came home the other day talking about pet psychics. You know, humans who parlay with pets through mysterious airwaves. Nicole, the lady who grooms Mom, told her all about the time Nicole took her lab, Jada, to one of those extrasensory people.

I guess Jada had been acting pretty strangely. Like, she was sensing a “presence” only she could detect. It was driving her crazy. Heavy panting. Tossing and turning. Constantly hiding behind Nicole. Fear etched all over the dog.

Four hundred dollars in vet bills later, off to the pet psychic they went. And this is where things get a little, well, squirrely. Nicole didn’t even hint that there was a problem, like the visit was just a lark or something. But, the psychic wasn’t fooled. She communed with Jada for several minutes, all the while writing up a storm. When the pooch palaver ended, the mystery of Jada’s behavior was solved.

Turns out, Jada had been stuck with some bad mojo when visiting a certain place several weeks earlier. It followed the dog home and terrorized her ever since. The psychic prescribed a cure, which Nicole followed to a “t” after she got home that day. And, presto, Jada was her old self. Years later, she still is.

I know this sounds pretty freaky. Especially since the psychic’s explanation included very specific, and correct, details about Jada’s feeling over the matter. Like, only Mom believed there was a problem. Dad thought everything was really fine. That night, after Dad learned all about what went on, he was extra loving to Jada, which she really appreciated.

So, what does all this mean? Can my canine thoughts be “heard” by some humans and put into words for Mom to understand? Chances are, I’ll never know. I don’t think she really wants to hear it from someone else. After all, we’ve been together since I can’t remember when. Naturally, she already reads my thoughts, and she’s very good at it. Of course, I don’t have that many so it’s not a huge deal, but she does nail them.

Plus, she’s probably convinced that what’s running through my head is an endless stream of “feed me”, “feed me more”, “play with me”, “play with me more”, “play with me”. Repetitive stuff like that. I don’t blame her. If I had those thoughts, I wouldn’t want to hear them either. But, my real thoughts, even though they are on a single theme and all about me, are actually different.

“I’m a very lucky dog.”

See you in the mirror.