Participating Citizen

I’ve never been much for participating myself. I’d rather stand apart and be admired. You know, like from afar. It’s just simpler that way. A lot less messy. And, it’s worked really well for me, with all of my adoring fans and stuff.

But, after Sidney told me all about that healthcare hodgepodge, I’ve changed my tune. That’s right. I’m whistling to the beat of a different drummer. From now on, call me Mr. Joiner.

Why? Well, even though I’ve never really cozied up to my vet, I know in my heart that she’s good for me. So I need to keep seeing her. And, that’s the problem. If I don’t become a Participating Citizen, there’s no vetcare for me.

See, our leaders and their advisors won’t let us see our vets if we are “irreversibly prevented from being or becoming participating citizens.” Wow, that’s a real eye-opener. No participation, no care. In fact, not a care in our world. I guess us independents just aren’t good enough. We don’t pass the value test.

So, I’ve got to hurry up and participate in something. But, what am I going to join? Let’s see, I’ve done doggie daycare. That’s a real group thing. I actually promoted myself to play ground supervisor of the whole bunch. But, being boss and all isn’t really joining. So, I’ve got to come up with something else.

Dog parks. Now, that could be the ticket. Hordes of us hang out there and I can be a part of that. Except, I’ve never actually been in a park with crowds of other dogs. They make me nervous. I would spend the entire time worrying about Mom and trying to protect her from all of those strangers. So, dog parks aren’t really it. What else?

I think I’ve finally figured it out. I’ll join with all the others who are just saying no to the whole joining thing. I’d really rather keep things pretty much like they are or close to it. After all, I like my life and my vet. (But, please don’t tell her. Playing hard to get during our visits is already tough enough.)

I know the power people are calling my new pack an “angry mob”. We’re just howlers and un-Canine. But, hey, there’s nothing more Canine than doing for yourself. Standing apart. Just like me.

So, I guess this participating gig is a win-win after all. I can join a pack that let’s me be me.

See you in the mirror.