Obama’s Top Hits Of 2009

Now that Obama has completed 12 months in office, it’s time for his annual review. Turns out, his job performance is like a song. Five of them, actually. The Obama hit parade of 2009.  So grab a boom box and let’s give a listen.

1.            Promises, Promises

Obama got elected because he wasn’t Bush and because he made several come-hither promises. Not being Bush was a no brainer since the real George is an old white guy living in Texas. So, score Obama an “A+” on that one. But what about those promises, like See-Through Government, A Better Buddy System, Death To Pork and Yes To Health? How did they play? Stay tuned.

2.            Dirty Little Secret

The See-Through Government thing turned out to be a total bust. Obama’s style is secrecy-as-usual. His private bribe sessions with leaders of industry and closed-door-democrat-only wheels and deals threw mud all over transparency. And when was the last time he held a press conference? July 22. Bye-bye commitment to monthly conferences. But, then, not having them is way better than letting the press lift the rhetorical rock you’re hiding under.

3.            My Way

How about that Better Buddy System? You know, renewed bipartisanship? Obama started out by crowning more Czars than three centuries of Romanoff rulers combined. Why? To consolidate unreviewable power in the White House. Then there was the $787 billion Bank Bailout.  Obama stood silent as Nancy Pelosi crowed, “We won the election. We wrote the bill.” Later, he slammed the door on Republicans in final healthcare negotiations. In fact, Obama didn’t orchestrate a single bipartisan piece last year. He didn’t even try.

4.            Been Caught Stealing

Deficit spending is spending what you haven’t got. It’s stealing from the future, from taxpayers who will do the time for today’s crime. And Obama is pulling a colossal caper. In just his first year, $1.675 trillion, or more than 15%, was added to the national debt. According to his Administration’s own estimates, he’ll run up almost as much debt in four years as the old Texan did in eight. Of course, he’s promising to take from the “rich” to break even. Trouble is, his heists are so huge that, within ten years, every American who earns a living will be one of the rich. Welcome to the land of opportunity.

5.            Roll Out The Barrel

Before the election, Obama pledged to review bills “line by line” to dump the pork.  He must have been kidding because he’s pushed so much pork on the Country that barrel makers are having difficulty keeping up. Just take the Bailout Bill and the 2010 Defense Appropriations Bill. They contain almost ten billion dollars, and over ten thousand pieces, of pork.

And how about Obama’s same-song-second-verse entitlements packages? Back in the day, welfare was a temporary measure to put folks back on their feet. But, it’s long since become a way of life, generating a fierce sense of entitlement and turning welfare into a public pork trough.  And just like the pork needed to pass bad bills, entitlements are the pork that keeps bad politicians in power – and eventually will send us to the poor house.

So, that’s Obama’s hit parade. A bunch of very sour notes. On the bright side, he couldn’t complete the discordant healthcare bill he wasted so much time orchestrating. But, he did leave the economy singing the blues. He has to be totally tone deaf. About his performance – score it in the key of “F Minor”.

See you in the mirror.