DATELINE: Crazyville, Feb 18 – A guy walks into a medical doctor’s office and tells the medico that he’s very worried about his friend. The guy has a video tape which he asks the doctor to watch in hopes that the md can help. The tape shows the friend at different events, talking to different people.

In one scene, the friend is walking across a lawn. He informs his companions that he is special, rules for ordinary people do not apply to him and he can do anything he wants.

In another vignette, the friend is talking to a man with a note pad. They are seated facing each other. The man with the note pad asks the friend what action he is taking to fix a particular issue. The friend responds a couple of times that he talks about the issue a lot. He gives the impression that talking is all the action he need take to fix that, or any other, issue.

In a third scene, the friend is talking informally to a man who is questioning him. The questioner asks the man about one of the friend’s creations. The friend states that it is such a wonderful thing that, very shortly, others will take credit for it, denying him his due. He also says that people who have not yet accepted his creation need to grow up.

In a fourth scene, the friend is talking to a large group of people. He is very upset with the people in the group. The friend threatens that if they won’t do things his way, he will do things his way without them.

In a fifth scene, the friend is standing in the middle of several catastrophes happening at the same time. The disasters are the result of the incompetence of high level managers who work for him. The friend is unconcerned. Despite the carnage, he believes that his words alone will make people believe that the calamities never happened.

The medical doctor fast-forwards through the rest of the tape, stopping now and then to watch more scenes. They are pretty much the same. The friend is talking to someone off camera with a dozen or more people standing behind him. He is going on about big problems, which he blames on a person who is not present. The friend insists that he alone can make them right.

Finally, the video ends and the doctor turns to the guy who brought it to him. “Well?” says the guy. Replies the doctor, “Either your friend suffers from grandiose delusional disorder with a touch of persecution complex or he’s the President of the United States.”

Actually, he’s both. It explains a lot about what is going wrong in the Executive Branch these days. Hopefully, Obamacare covers it – and Obama hasn’t delayed the coverage.