No Bull

Dateline: October 5, 2022 The Trenches

Right up front, if I could vote, I would’ve voted for Trump. Twice. But, not a third time. The divisive turmoil that he deliberately creates has worn too thin and most people completely out.

Trump is Mr. Pomposity. A bombast with a towering ego from which there is no respite. We desperately need a “walk softly and carry a big stick”. type – not a guy whose big schtick is all bull in a china shop.

This is not an appeasement to the Lunatic Left. Those control freak lizards will demonize any Republican candidate. Their persistent ravings are a given and aren’t the point.

People need a calm Republican voice who can enforce strong pro-American policies and restore the economic, social and moral fabric that Biden has unraveled.

Trump should do the right thing – bow out of the 2024 Presidential race now and support the choice of the primary voters then.