My First Dog Blog

Hi, I’m Sidney. I’m a dog. That makes this a dog blog. Ha, ha. That’s pretty funny for me.

I’m not really a typical dog. My interests are in the pursuit of science. Not the diet stuff, although I’m sure that’s perfectly fine. I mean the academic discipline, research for the advancement of knowledge.

My interest in science began early in life. When I was a brand new puppy, my canine instincts were finely tuned. I understood the value of the pack structure (and still do). So, for example, I had the need to groom other members of the pack. But, then I took one serious look at Mom (like all humans, she’s huge) and went directly into a career in science. And, I love it. Turns out, I’m very left-brained.

I do have other interests, classical literature and music, but also more typical dog stuff. I love to chase squirrels and rabbits and flush birds. But I never catch any. The thrill is in the chase. I like camping and hiking and exploring – and all kinds of outdoor activities. I really love taking walks with Mom.

I have a brother, Riley. His blog follows mine. He views the world very differently, but I’ll let him explain that. And, of course, Mom, our human caregiver. She’s alpha in our pack. Riley and I are both beta, making our family more of a pyramid. But, it works for us.

Well, I don’t have a lot more to say right now. But, I will as the days go by. I’ll blog about animal welfare, science, current events and just stuff. Sometimes, Riley and I will write about different sides of the same issue – making this a dog diablog. (For me, that’s really, really funny.) Oh yeah, and if you write letters to us, we will try to answer some of them in our blogs.

If you’d like to hear from me sooner, please subscribe to our Letters. I know most web comics are free. Ours aren’t. Think of the subscription price, first and foremost, as a way of supporting all animals – by contributing to The Humane Society of the United States. They’re the biggest and best animal protection agency in the world. All animals benefit from their programs and services. The rest of the subscription is just postage!

I’ll look for you on the left side.