Letter From Santa

“Dear Nancy,

I received your Christmas wish list last week and, I have to tell you, I’m more than a little surprised. You’re old enough to know by now that only good boys and girls get gifts. Naughty children find coal in their stockings. And, really, it doesn’t look good for you this year. To show you what I mean, let’s review some of your deeds in the past twelve months.

In January you allowed yourself the automatic annual pay raise that Congress set up for itself in 1989. You could have, and should have, declined it, considering the multi-year economic meltdown that your Country finds itself in. But, while record numbers of your people are out of work, your government salary continues to increase. In 2009, it reached an all-time high of $217,400. Very, very naughty.

Then there was the way the first round of stimulus money was actually spent. You hyped it as a necessary step in the economic recovery of the Country. In reality, according to a statistical analysis of where the money went, there was NO correlation between economic need and spending. None whatsoever. The only correlation was party affiliation. 73.47% of the $157 billion went to Democrat districts. Unbelievably bad.

The healthcare bill that you personally rammed through the House of Representatives is another whopper of a transgression. Why? 57% of the American public are against it and prefer that Congress do nothing rather than make your bill law. Your response? As you stated in a magazine interview this year, you don’t pay attention to what other people think. This is a shameful attitude for someone who is elected to carry out the will of the people.

Your worst behavior this year? It’s a toss-up between bankrupting your Country and bankrupting the moral fiber of its people. For the first part, you continually create greater and greater entitlements that will inevitably impoverish the Country you are sworn to serve. Seriously, there aren’t enough people making over $250,000 in the U.S. to pay for your reckless spending. And you’ve already borrowed so much money that China owns the economic futures of unborn generations of your citizens.

Then there’s the way you pass out entitlements. Like a heroin dealer on a street corner, you’re hooking people on getting what they want simply by taking it from others. The land of opportunity and hard work, of self-improvement and personal success, is rapidly becoming the biggest social welfare dump on the planet. All this at a time when other countries that have done the same thing are trying to dig themselves out.

Why are you acting out like this? In a word, power. By drugging people with large doses of entitlements, you disengage them from the political process. They don’t care what you do as long as you’re around to give them their next fix. For that, you go straight to the top of my worldwide naughty list.

And, I have to say, Nancy, your behavior must improve in 2010. I had to get a special permit from your EPA to mine the coal you’ll find in your stocking this Christmas morning. There’s not enough left on earth, or a stocking in the North Pole big enough, for what you’ll deserve next year, unless you straighten up. If you don’t, the voters in your district will have to do my work for me.