A GPS For The Country

Did you see those articles on the web the other day about a loss in Global Positioning System services next year? From the looks of it, we’re in trouble. The network of satellites that tells us where in the world we are is well on its way to partial collapse. The loss, sometime next year, will affect the military as well as us civilians, at least for a while. Good luck to the U.S. Air Force in getting that one straightened out.

It did give me an idea about something pretty cool, though. How about a GPS that could find things besides just us? Like, for instance, one that shows where in the world our Country’s economy is. There are so many people yammering about so many different things on where our economy is headed. Wouldn’t it be nice to shut them all up by turning on a GPS device that could really find it?

And when we turn on our nifty new device, where would the little bleeping light be? Has it fallen off Deficit Cliff? Or driven into the Dark Forest of Foreign Investment? Or perhaps been thrown into the Bottomless Pit of Taxation? We all know that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, but is that the path the economy is taking? Or is it actually on the road to Recovery? It would be very nice to know.

Some smart human, or maybe Sidney, could come up with the device. And while they’re at it, they can make a couple of other GPS things, too. Like, there’s been so much back and forth about the Country’s lost values. If we had a GPS just for that, we could find them. Would the little light be steering too far to the left or careening too far to the right? Are we headed pretty much down the middle of the road or somewhere completely different?

It would also be very cool to have a GPS for locating peoples thoughts on the really big issues. I know there are a million polls being taken for that. But, there are also a million complaints about the fairness of the polls. We could stop all the bickering with a GPS that finds the pulse of the nation on things like national security and that pesky economy. Then maybe our reps in D.C. will steer us down the correct path.

This might be off-the-charts thinking. Still, its an idea.

See you in the mirror.