A Fairly Grim Tale

Dateline: June 19, 2022 The Barren Landscape of Biden’s Brain

Joe Biden’s America is a scary place: food shortages, sky-rocketing prices, energy dependence on countries unfriendly to us, a crime tsunami washing over our southern border, weakness on the international stage that encourages invasions like that of Ukraine and probably Taiwan, threats of prosecution of those who speak out against his policies.

Yawning Government overreach with its raging incompetence has weakened our Country. Biden and his administration have infected us all with an outbreak of DOPE, their Drunk On Power Epidemic.

Our circumstances conjure up the image of Hansel and Gretel in the Brothers Grimm fairytale first published in 1812. Their parents tried, and eventually succeeded, in abandoning the children in the forest in order reduce the number of mouths to feed. Lost, the kids were lured into a huge sugar trap by an evil witch. Fortunately for them, they killed the witch, stole her treasure and returned home to live happily ever after.

Biden is trying to lose people deep in his woke forest, silencing the mouths that speak against him. The sugar trap he offers is socialism run by an old witch of a bureaucracy that would devour our culture. Not a perfect analogy but a real bummer just the same.

We can end our fairly grim tale by kicking the old witch into the oven and taking back our treasured Country. Inside the voting booth is one place Biden can’t reach.