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The Part of the Deal

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May 24th, 2018

As we know, President Trump cancelled his summit with Kim Jong-un today because of the North’s increasingly bellicose rhetoric and silence on setup logistics. The President’s letter calling off the summit is posted on the Internet for everyone to read. Mr. Trump did leave the meeting door open if NOKO cleans up its act.

A lot of commentators see the cancellation as part of the negotiation process rather than an end to it. Those commentators do not, of course, include any of the Democrats in Washington D.C., which is hardly surprising. No matter what Trump does in any setting the Democrats practice their three R’s religiously: ridicule, resist and ruin.

In bombast that has grown increasingly absurd over the months, Nancy Pelosi claimed that Kim got the better of the cancellation. She stated with a straight face that he must be having a “giggle fit” over it. Giggle fit? That’s more of a coffee klatch sound effect. It’s certainly not suitable from a leader on the world stage, unless he’s around the sanity bend, in which case deals don’t ever get done.

The Dictator released our prisoners and blew up what he claimed was NOKO’s only nuclear testing facility. (That blow up claim may be overblown since expert observers were banned from the show.) We, of course, have given up exactly zero.

Commentators that see the cancellation as a negotiating step are right. Trump is a master in deal making, which is something that Pelosi and her posse will never acknowledge. But, then, again, advanced negotiating techniques may be the part of the deal they simply can’t grasp.

Either way, here’s a better R: reject, as in repudiate the Dems foolish strategy to retake Congress.

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