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Friday, January 24, 2020
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Riley composes the Silly Sentinel editorials from the perspective of a dog who finds human behavior more than a little nonsensical. Being completely dependent on the support of others, he should advocate more of an accommodating view, but he doesn’t. His focus is on the silly things members of his benefactor species do and the farcical explanations they conjure to justify their actions. He will never run short of material.


The Death of Decency



Dateline: SickAndTiredVille.  Mark your calendars. This is the week when decency, on life support for a while now, finally died in the US House of Representatives. I don’t mean the resolution against President Trump. That kind of stuff is poisoned politics, an empty gesture that, unfortunately, has become SOP. It doesn’t get much attention from those with IQs above the double-digit horizon.

I mean the lack of meaningful response by Congress to the virulent anti-Semitic harangues of Ilhan Omar.

The Congresswoman has used this theme more times than she’s spent months in the House. But, Omar’s resolution this week in support of an economic boycott of Israel was the last straw in a haystack of vituperative hatred. The worst of it is that Congress has become so immune to vile accusations that it takes them in stride rather than taking this representative to task.

Oh, the House did pass a resolution condemning both anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim discrimination after one of Omar’s nasty anti-Semitic rants. But, it didn’t name her and has not deterred her. Her boycott resolution this week is a stick in the eye of her Dem colleagues who are busy protecting her from manufactured claims of xenophobic slurs by the Prez. They have encased her in a shield of invincibility where disagreements with her are dismissed as racism, one of the great intellectual dishonesties of our time.

Omar tries to wrap herself in American values, claiming her resolution advances Free Speech and likens the Israel boycott to boycotts of Nazi Germany. In fact, her goal is the destruction of the Jewish State, either militarily or economically, whatever works.  Since Israel is the only U.S. ally in the Middle East, she’s acting in the worst interests of her adopted Country.

Omar dilutes the hideousness of the past in favor of a present where she uses her distortions to gain power. She is a disgrace.

Congress is even worse for not calling her out for what she is.




Any Way You Slice It

Dateline: Washington D. C., November 23, 2018.

Good old Elijah Cummings, D-Md., will become the Chair of the House Oversight Committee come January. The 67-year-old, who’s been a politician for more than half of his life, announced that the Committee will investigate Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner next year.

Despite voter polls warning of adverse consequences, investigating all things Trump is a given now that the Dems control the House. But Cummings’ investigation is especially ill-advised. The Committee will delve into Ivanka’s and Jared’s use of a private email account for official White House business in 2017.

In pursing this inquiry, Cummings will do a deep dive into a very shallow pool. A brain wreck on the bottom is predictable. Why? The investigation begs comparisons with Hillary’s private email server kept in the basement of her New York house. Let’s take a peek at what the comparison will reveal:


  • Thousands of pieces of classified information Hillary stored on the private server while Secretary of State.
  • The classified email she sent from her server to her staff on their private email accounts.
  • The high likelihood that her staff’s phones were hacked by foreign intelligence agencies.
  • Erasing more than thirty thousand messages from the server, despite an outstanding subpoena for the docs.
  • The fibs told by the senior politician about her awareness of wrongdoing.


  • Less than one hundred emails sent to or from Ivanka’s private email account from or to government officials.
  • The use of the private account halted after she was made aware that it violated federal rules.
  • None of the email contained classified information.
  • Not even a single message was destroyed and all email has since been placed on government servers.

Rather than resurrecting Hillary’s email controversy, Cummings should conjure up a more lively ghost of a chance.

Sources:  Politico; Wikipedia; Washington Post.




The Weak That Was

Another week has passed at last. Unfortunately, it looked a lot like the last one and a whole bunch before that.

Republicans and the DOJ continue at each other’s throats, fighting over the release of documents that no one but them cares about. The DOJ is still getting the better of the brawl, making the Republicans look impotent and silly.

The Democrats and the media dis everything Trump does, no matter what it is. Securing the release of the NOKO hostages this week was characterized by the media as a ratings grab and a staged production.

When Trump kicked the Iran deal to the curb, Democrats, who voiced opposition to the agreement back when it was signed, screamed foul.

Remember when Chuck Schumer accused Trump of putting us on the brink of nuclear war with North Korea? This week he presumed to tell Trump how to negotiate with Kim Jong-Un else the President give away the store in his historic meeting with the Korean dictator. The leader of the political hack pack must have whiplash from his rapid change of position.

This week’s winner of the most pathetic award is a series of commercials aired by the Diane Feinstein re-election campaign. The aging U.S. Senator from California keeps missing the Over The Hill exit ramp on her endless journey around and around the political racetrack. She’s now running for a sixth term. If voters in California return her to Washington, she’ll be 90 years old when her new term ends.

The main roadblock to her re-election is, of course, her advanced age. Her campaign commercials try to jump that high hurdle by making her sound youthful and vital. But, the phase, “Diane and a new generation are leading the fight…“, doesn’t fool anyone. Neither does plastic surgery or a dump truck full of makeup and hair dye.

Feinstein’s major in college was history. It’s time her career passed into it.




But Is It Enough?

It’s that time of year again. Ring out the old. Ring in the new. These phrases appear in a poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson written in the Before Time. Before technology. Before social media. Before grocery stores, canned dog food and late night TV.

In the 1850 poem, Ring Out, Wild Bells, Tennyson pretty much savages the old year as a festering cesspool of disappointment. He looks forward, perhaps too optimistically, to the new.

Here we are 167 years later. Every twelve months, we still ring out and in, which, if you think about it, makes us perennial Pollyannas. After all, if any New Year turned out to fulfill expectations, would we be so anxious to close the door on it? Yet, we cheer the next one each December 31 as if the result will be different.

There is a difference between New Year’s and, say, other year–end celebrations. New Year’s lasts one day. Compare that to Hanukkah, which goes on for eight days or the twelve days of Christmas, three if you live in Iceland and about 90 if you’re in retail sales.

And the New Year’s Day wish is to have a happy one. Happy one day? How much happiness can you cram into one–seventh of a week? And those New Year’s resolutions – they make for a hectic twenty­–­four hours.

Anyway, have a Happy New Year, what’s left of it anyway.




Unchained Melody

Dateline: Stupidville, December 13, 2017. After Monday’s terrorist goof up in the New City subway, most of us are singing, Unchained Melody.

No, not the Righteous Brothers’ jukebox standard from so long ago that my family tree barely had roots. The present day Unchained Melody is all about ending chain migration, an oddball visa entry system that randomly grants green cards through an annual lottery.

Begun over fifty years ago, the practice was permanently established through the Diversity Visa Program in The Immigration Act of 1990. The lottery distributes 50,000 green cards each year to lucky winners.

To qualify, participants need only a high school-level education or two years of work experience. No consideration is given to age, skills, language ability or any connection to the U.S. Because the entry requirements are lax, the lottery is a source of uneducated, unskilled labor.

As a perk, lottery winners can sponsor their relatives to come to the United States, who, in turn, can sponsor relatives of their own.  The extended-family chain gang is supposed to make the first link feel better about leaving the old country by replicating the familiar here.

Since 1990, over one million lottery winners have immigrated to the US, eventually bringing almost four million of their relatives with them. Among the four million chain relatives are Monday’s terrorist and the crazy who killed eight people in NYC at the end of October.

The stupidity of the Visa lottery is so apparent that only a government could miss it. First, why are we admitting uneducated, unskilled labor with not even an English language ability? The national purpose of immigration is to benefit the nation. But, chain migration focuses only on the needs of immigrants who, due to practically non-existent entry requirements, will have a difficult time integrating into American culture.

Yes, Emma Lazarus’ 1883 words, “Give me your tired, your poor” are still engraved on the Statue of Liberty. But America in those days, under populated and in need of unskilled workers, is not our Country today. Today, we have an economy characterized by increasingly sophisticated technology. The U.S. requires educated immigrants who can hit the ground running.

Those who champion diversity in our population should look at American unskilled workers, who have been largely ignored for decades.

Second, immigrants that are admitted into our Country should be integrated into society, not cloistered on islands of cultural separation. Chain migration encourages isolation from mainstream America because those admitted have almost no chance to assimilate.

Third, those who advocate in favor of chain migration claim the flaw is the lack of proper vetting. But, not only is vetting an imperfect process that risks American lives, it is misdirected. It looks at past behavior as a predictor of future conduct.

It should look at the environment of isolation the immigrants face here and the susceptibility to propaganda that results. Both Monday’s terrorist and the killer in October are post-immigration converts to ISIS.

Our government looks stupidity in the face and is blinded by its own reflection.




The Accidental Conciliators

Dateline: Stupidville, March 28, 2017. As everyone in the Country who pays an Internet bill knows, President Trump is trashed daily in every way by the Politically Crazed.

Not that a little disagreement, in and of itself, is wrong. But, it’s one thing for, say, Democrats to oppose Trump’s agenda and rejoice in his political failures. Take their crowing last week over TryanCare 1.0’s faceplant. Good for the Dems. Ridicule should be heaped from all quarters on that misfire.

But, it’s another to impugn evil motives, scream louder and louder about non-existent conspiracies and trash his family. Hysteria has taken the place of rational discourse just because Hillary is not currently occupying the White House.

The frenzy has taken the form of an escalating profusion of smoke and smears. Take Chris Matthews as a case in point. The perpetually grumpy MSNBC commentator dug himself into a new low this week when he conjured up the ghosts of Saddam Hussein’s sons.

Matthews likened Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, to Uday and Qusay, the maniacally murderous offspring of Iran’s despotic ruler. Where will Matthews venture next? One thing is for sure, it will be where no rational mind has gone before.

But, luckily, not every Hillary supporter has succumbed to the contagion.

The hopeful among us believe that the Politically Crazed will eventually bring the house down on themselves. Voter reaction will force reconciliation between Republicans and Democrats in Congress so that the business of government can resume.

Because, right now, it’s just a huge mud wrestling spectacle.




Madcow Disease Makes A Comeback

Dateline: Bovineville, March 15, 2017. Last night, direct from MSNBC headquarters, its primary breeding ground, Madcow Disease made a comeback.

Unleashed by the political commentator, Rachel Madcow, after whom the Disease is named, it spread at the speed of television infecting feeble-minded viewers everywhere. Fortunately, there aren’t many of them.

The Disease causes degenerative thought processes, feverish rantings and fatalities of the central credibility system.

Madcow’s harangue was a stunningly embarrassing – for her – release of two pages of President Trump’s 2005 tax return. Rather than unmasking him as a tax dodger or Russian saboteur, the return showed Trump as a regular taxpayer. He paid over 25% in taxes, a high percentage than, say, the Obamas last year, Bernie Sanders or Comcast, MSNBC’s parent company.

We know all that by now. But, as humiliating as it is, it’s not the biggest goof about the Madcow episode. Infected by the Disease and slipping into near unconsciousness, several commentators babbled incoherently that Trump surreptitiously provided his tax return to MSNBC. Somehow a set up excuses the Madcow flare-up.

The excuse is just another symptom of the Disease. The President never would have come up with the tax return angle to bait the ‘resistance’ since it puts him in a very good light. He can’t think those who oppose him are that dull-witted, at least until now. Plus, regardless of the source, Madcow should’ve figured out for herself that the return only helps the President.

Which underscores the horrifying nature of Madcow disease. It eats the brain right out of your head.




The Greatest Show On Earth

Dateline: Illusionville, February 20, 2017: The anti-Trump media circus that’s been touring the Country since November 8 set up its tents in the White House last week.

The result was a high wire thrill act from what, after Barnum & Bailey’s announced closure, has become the Greatest Show On Earth. President Trump soared over the heads of the media clowns below performing favorite renditions from The Flying Wallendas’ playbook.

Even before he finished, news outlets were accusing the President of media bashing, as if that’s somehow wrong. One news guy, speaking for his fellow jokers, set up a series of falling dominos that led from criticizing the press to the collapse of the Presidency.

As expected, Trump is constantly being accused of trampling on the constitutional free press rights. What’s left behind in all the clamor is impartiality, the chief responsibility of a free press. Without impartiality, the press becomes one of the greatest threats to freedom on earth. So far, detached neutrality hasn’t made an appearance in the reporting of most mass media outlets.

One thing the media always forgets is that, in their circus, the President is the Ring Master. Clown routines are slapstick sideshows that hold attention only briefly. The audience is riveted on the guy in charge.

So, the newshounds should try impartiality and let Trump succeed or fail on the merits of his programs, policies and leadership. Then we’ll have a press worth protecting.




Hurray For College

Dateline: Thankfulville, January 10, 2017 – A lot of people sidestep college on their way to tremendous careers. I know I did. But, there’s one college we can all be thankful for – the Electoral College.

You’d think all that stuff would be behind us by now. But, if you watched Trump’s Attorney General nominee get grilled on the Hill today, you know that isn’t true, at least not yet. Just try to picture the mess we’d be in if the EC hadn’t finalized the election results.

Speaking of election results, a few facts are always helpful. While it is true that Trump did not win a majority of the popular vote, neither did Hillary or any other candidate. She did grab 48% of the total vote cast, compared to Trump’s 46%, but that amounts to a plurality for her, not a majority.

Here’s another couple of interesting tidbits. Hillary received 2,865,075 more votes than Trump. But, she also beat Trump in the California tally by 4,269,978 votes. In other words, without California, Trump received 1,404,903 more votes than Hillary.

If you want your next President elected in a race where only the popular vote counts, you should move to California for a while. But, don’t plan on starting a business. For each of the past 12 years, the State has been ranked by CEOs as the worst for business in the country.

Even though it has only 12 percent of the nation’s population, California has 34 percent of the nation’s welfare recipients. A little business climate warm-up might just fix that.




The Weak That Was

Dateline: Punyville, May 24, 2015 Another weak week has, thankfully, just ended. The lamest happenings center on the ISIS tar baby with plenty of blameworthy politicians trying to throw others under the bus.

The latest round of pin-the-tail-on-any-other-donkey started a couple of weeks ago. In an interview with Fox News, Jeb Bush backstabbed his older brother for sending troops into Iraq in the first place.

Jeb didn’t mention ISIS directly but his statements reinforced Obama’s earlier criticism blaming W for the rise of ISIS. Geez, if only we hadn’t upset the locals and created so much anti-American hatred, ISIS would not have existed.

That’s a very handy claim, of course, but it can’t be substantiated.

This week, after being smacked by the backlash, Jeb decided to defend his brother. So he blamed Obama for not taking care of business. Regardless of how ISIS got started, it really was at one time a JV team that should have been crushed by the Pros. Alas, Obama himself is a minor leaguer so that play was missed.

As the politicians bickered, ISIS took two cities this week, Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province in Iraq, and Palmyra, an ancient Syrian City. Ramadi is the largest military victory for ISIS in almost a year.

Critics claim that Obama’s recent strategy in mishandling ISIS is to pretend that the terrorist group has already been defeated. Earlier this month, his spokesman criticized the press for broadcasting news clips that showcase the group’s military might.

Instead, the President insisted that ISIS has been reduced to driving a lone Toyota after dark with the headlights out. And then Ramadi and Palmyra happened.

No wonder Obama and Biden are talking about global climate change at commencement addresses over the weekend. They’re in so much hot water in foreign policy, it’s a natural for them.