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March 9th, 2017

Once upon a time, there was a very big political Party. After a long period in power, it came to believe that it would live happily ever after in control of just about everything.

But, as these things go, the Party’s arrogance precipitated a fall. It took a header in the 2016 Presidential election, suffering devastating losses. Caught completely off guard by the palpable discontent of just about everyone around it, the Party has lived in angry denial ever since.

The bad part of the story is that it doesn’t end there. Instead, the Party’s loss has spurred an almost unhinged drive to get even.

That drive has focused on delegitimizing President Trump through constant claims that his victory was the result of Russian collaboration. It is a factually preposterous claim. There is absolutely no evidence of collaboration after many months of investigations by the FBI, CIA, NSA, DNI and Justice. In fact, there is no evidence that Russia had any impact at all.

Yet the Party clamors for a special counsel investigation to keep the spotlight on the allegation of collaborative misconduct.

Ironically, the beneficiary of this retributive overreach is Russia and other countries that the U.S. should be working to contain. Constant allegations of collaboration with a traditional enemy make longtime U.S. allies nervous. They become hesitant at a time when unified, determined action is required to deter increasing global destabilization.

Political hacks are turning out to be worse than any other kind.

In The Headlights

Friday, March 24, 2017
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Madcow Disease Makes A Comeback

Dateline: Bovineville, March 15, 2017. Last night, direct from MSNBC headquarters, its primary breeding ground, Madcow Disease made a comeback.

Unleashed by the political commentator, Rachel Madcow, after whom the Disease is named, it spread at the speed of television infecting feeble-minded viewers everywhere. Fortunately, there aren’t many of them.

The Disease causes degenerative thought processes, feverish rantings and fatalities of the central credibility system.

Madcow’s harangue was a stunningly embarrassing – for her – release of two pages of President Trump’s 2005 tax return. Rather than unmasking him as a tax dodger or Russian saboteur, the return showed Trump as a regular taxpayer. He paid over 25% in taxes, a high percentage than, say, the Obamas last year, Bernie Sanders or Comcast, MSNBC’s parent company.

We know all that by now. But, as humiliating as it is, it’s not the biggest goof about the Madcow episode. Infected by the Disease and slipping into near unconsciousness, several commentators babbled incoherently that Trump surreptitiously provided his tax return to MSNBC. Somehow a set up excuses the Madcow flare-up.

The excuse is just another symptom of the Disease. The President never would have come up with the tax return angle to bait the ‘resistance’ since it puts him in a very good light. He can’t think those who oppose him are that dull-witted, at least until now. Plus, regardless of the source, Madcow should’ve figured out for herself that the return only helps the President.

Which underscores the horrifying nature of Madcow disease. It eats the brain right out of your head.


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